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Union City

Pre Pay

Prepay customers will pay the same energy rates and monthly customer charges as our conventional post pay customers. Prepay customers will pay a small fee of 20 cents per day for using this service. New customers will be required to pay $50 minimum to get a Prepay account started. 

Anytime day or night, you will be able to check your balance at www.myusage.com and login with your personal access information. You will also be able to receive free email alerts with daily balances or call toll free 1-855-837-6741 to receive your balance. 

You may also download the free MyUsage app on your cell phone from the Android or Apple App Store.

Payments can be made at our office, Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:30am – 4:30pm, excluding holidays.  A minimum payment of $25 is required for prepay payments made in the office.  Customers may make payments for less than $25 at our Payment Kiosk at Little General on Reelfoot Avenue or Little General at 115 S Fifth St, at Walmart via Moneygram, on our website,unioncityenergy.com, or by phone at 1-866-578-7549.

You manage your Prepay account. You can receive low balance alerts by email, telephone or text, based on the notification preferences you choose. This will allow you time to purchase power before your service is disconnected. If you do not purchase more power, your service will be disconnected. Once you make a payment, your service will be reconnected. 

Yes! You can switch to a Prepay account whenever you want. Your existing deposit will be applied to your current account balance, with any remaining credit amount being applied as a credit to your Prepay account. In cases where there is a remaining balance that cannot be paid in full, UCEA may be able to set up an arrangement where a portion of each future payment will go toward paying off that existing balance. 

To enroll in Prepay or find out more, come by our office at 312 N Division Street and we will be happy to provide you will all the details.